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Bethlehem Steel's Subsidiary Railroad Companies consist of five common carrier switching and terminal railroads, a motor carrier (Carrier Express), an intermodal services company (BethIntermodal) and a management company (BETHTRAN). The subsidiary railroad companies connect with various main line railroads and perform industrial switching and railroad repair and maintenance services at the following locations:

Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad Company -- Johnstown, Pa.
Patapsco & Back Rivers Railroad Company -- Sparrows Point, Md.
Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England Railroad Company -- Bethlehem, Pa.
South Buffalo Railway Company -- Lackawanna, N.Y.
Steelton & Highspire Railroad Company -- Steelton, Pa.

The railroad companies own and operate approximately 100 switcher locomotives and 900 freight cars. Each railroad has locomotive servicing facilities, weigh-in-motion scales and classification yards, and connects with one or more main line Class 1 railroads. The Subsidiary Railroad Companies' home office in Bethlehem, Pa., provides support services for each operating location, including accounting, engineering, MIS, materials management and treasury.

Carrier Express has over 170 flatbed and van units operating in the continental United States.

BETHTRAN provides transportation management and logistics services from sites in Lake Station, Indiana and Bethlehem, Pa.

BethIntermodal provides various intermodal services, including warehousing, transloading and bulk storage at sites serviced daily by the subsidiary railroad companies, and located within minutes of major highways.

In Bethlehem, Pa., BethIntermodal provides warehouse, inside storage and outside storage facilities. It is served by Conrail and a Canadian Pacific rail connection and provides major highway access to the East Coast corridor.

In Harrisburg, Pa., BethIntermodal provides inside and outside storage, is served by Conrail and provides major highway access in south central Pennsylvania.

In Buffalo, N.Y., BethIntermodal provides access to the Gateway Metroport with warehouse space and bulk storage and open storage areas. Served by six major rail connections, it offers easy access to Canada and the New York Thruway.

In Sparrows Point, Md., BethIntermodal provides warehouse, open storage and port facilities on the Chesapeake Bay. Served by Conrail and CSX, it offers easy access to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and the East Coast corridor.

For more information on BethIntermodal facilities call Bob Robine in Bethlehem, Pa. by phone 610-694-5974 or fax 610-694-3316.

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